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is it weird that i really like girls who love to eat?

(not in the "glutton" kind of way for the record)

combining the fact i've been cooking more often/a wider variety of ethnicities in recent months with my desire to pursue all local specialty dishes when i travel and i'm starting to realize that food factors into my relationships a ton.

in the past, i've dated/had interest in quite a few vegetarians (or close enough to be called one). never really had interest in any vegans just because of the severe limitations. i've cooked according to their tastes and found myself holding back a ton. fortunately, in accommodating their interests, i found quite a few new restaurants i may not have sought out if the situation was different.

on the other had it was always a major bummer to me that the people i had interest in were so reluctant/fearful/just not interested in the kind of food i wanted to explore/enjoyed.

although my relationship (like every other relationship) has ups and downs, it's nice to have quite a few things in common like food interests because it opens up a world of opportunity concerning new places to check out as well as interesting events to partake in while abroad.

now only if i was dating someone who actually had interest in sports on top of all the other good things i might consider putting a ring on it.

...and by "interest in sports" i really meant "interest in ICP."

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