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the next two months are basically what i consider to be the calm before the storm. i guess i'm indifferent towards it all at this point. obviously, the fact that i'm going to be moving away is kind of a bummer. if my moving away is anything like everyone else that i've been friends with who has moved out of state...i'm basically going to lose contact with i'm guessing 75% of the people that i talk to now. not by choice of course. it just kind of happens that way.

it really comes down to the "out of sight, out of mind" aspect that many people experience. we all get caught up in our busy lives and, as we grow older, we realize our priorities at 21 are totally different than our priorities in the late 20's. sure, most of my friends are not quite to the point where they're married or popping out babies. many of them, however, are slammed with work or school or family and just don't have the accessibility like we used to have.

i really hope when i do move away to at least talk to most of my close friends over the past five years on a regular basis. the reality is that i'm moving 5 hours away, will probably come back here at least once a month depending on how far i'm traveling for work, and there is still a possibility i could take on a client that is within metro detroit. i hope that some of my friends will at least make an effort to see me periodically when i'm in town and understand that i'll always be more than willing to play host if they come to visit me in chicago.

in the end, it's weird to think that a lot of the individuals i've met in the past couple years of social networking will probably never see or hear from me again. i hope they can get over it. heh.

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so many truths!

and look at how long we have lasted via social networks, haha. virtual friends 4 life?! haha, so nerdy.

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