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i had an interview with a company near LA last week. i also had an interview with a company in charleston today with a second interview scheduled on thursday. things are starting to get a little more interesting. it just stinks that i can't get an interview in the great state of michigan for the life of me.

i was, however, told that i could get a job as a cook with olga's "tomorrow" if i had interest. i respect individuals in food services but it just seems like an industry that sucks you in and makes it difficult to leave. plus...i have 3 degrees that need to be put to work so that i can actually pay off all of this damn student loan debt that i've accrued.

i guess i could always consider a career in live action role playing.

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or you could cook until you can put those three degrees to use. free orange cream coolers? why not.

although the orange coolers are indeed delicious, i would a) feel guilty about having to work a schedule that is not set/would have to change any second i need to go and interview and b) would feel guilty taking a job that i know i would quit in an instant as soon as another job came around.

I think there is Avatar porn now, too.

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