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i still find it interesting how far removed from religion i am since i was a kid.

much like many of the people i know that still hold on to being "religious", i always told everyone that i was catholic, i believed in god, i prayed, etc. i wasn't one of those crazy going to church 3 times a week types (because that apparently makes you a better believer) but i still believed in all of it. i mean...that's the thing you do when you're a kid right? believe what your parents tell you to believe.

i started to realize that my parents (both still to this day very religious) slowly stopped paying attention to any kind of religious growth that my sister and myself were experiencing. now, as an adult, i couldn't be happier about it.

i respect anyone who practices religion and would never engage in conversation where i openly bash it. i don't practice or believe in one. it's as simple as that. i never get in debates or arguments about religion because i just don't care enough about your beliefs to discuss it.

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