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a phone call and an email were all it took to flip my situation upside down.

see you in january.

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do tell! i'm driving my sister to chicago this Tuesday. she found an apartment next to Emma and working at a salon near by.

accenture made me an offer to start in january doing infrastructure consulting.

very cool! big boy jobs ftw. i changed my degree as of recently, i some how got my credits transferred over to WSU as part of their Mechanical Engineering degree emphasis with energy. i want to be more... green.

lol nib. yay to both of you!

thank you. i didn't realize that mechanical engineering was something you had interest in. no more computers/tech stuff?

lol Andi.
honestly, I went into computers/networking because it was easy, my friend down the street was doing it, and by that time (2001) there was a high demand in it. i've come to the realization i hate computers and customers. i'd rather work in an environment where it's about projects, solutions, and just talking to your boss and coworkers. if it wasn't for the advisor working with me to get credits transferred i'd probably still be pursuing that job field.

hooray! exciting! and ballerrrrrrrrrrr. proud of you, rod.

thank you. should be pretty sweeeeet.

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